Most people look at “success” as something big that they want to accomplish. I look at success as a process in which small things have been done intentionally every day, or as people like to call it- habits. Without habits, there will be no big success as people desire them, in the future. So remember, don’t compare yourself with other people who are more successful than you, if you feel bad about yourself as a result. Just learn from them. In this article, we are going to discuss the vital habits of every human being who is looking for well-being.

what is the right attitude for success? 

I found what worked for me. I don’t wait till I feel like doing work because I understand that I feel good only after the work is done. The more tasks I accomplished, the better I feel about myself. 

A lot of people make the mistake of doing the things they know they should do only when they feel like it, not understanding that doing it is what creates the feeling. Think-do-feel is the behavioral cycle according to psychology.

Success is vital for mental health rather than mental health is vital for success. I mean that those who think that they must be mentally healthy before being successful, are doing a big mistake because they are waiting for something to happen within themselves to do what it takes to be successful. I will say to them good luck because there are people that are mentally ill that are more motivated to get the work done and become more successful than those people who wait to be happy. 

Those people who perform regardless of how they feel, will end up more successful than those who perform only when they feel like it.

what are the right habits for success? 

To implement the right habits, you need to establish discipline in your life. For example, for me, I have the rule, “You don’t work- you don’t eat”. That means that I reward myself only after I accomplish a task. As a result, this rule creates healthy habits in my life, that I repeat every day. You can have a different rule that works for you, that you can stick to every day.

My morning routine is a workout, a cold shower, and meditation. After I accomplish those tasks, I reward myself with breakfast. Those small things are setting me to do more complex things during the day, like writing and reading.

The benefits of a workout are that you become stronger physically and mentally, so you are ready to endure any stress. The second is the cold shower, which gives you healthy stress and energizes you. The third is meditation which calms you and focuses your mind to do whatever is next. 

The habits that I mentioned are right for me and may work for you too. I can implement any other habits that are right for you, but the most important thing is that they should benefit your well-being.